Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Trio

David Kimmerle

Julian Greaux
Erik Fankhouser


Anonymous said...

That Erik - he's got some pointy jaws. Did steroids do that to him?

dallasmsl said...

Genetics did that too him. Have you ever seen his smile?

Anonymous said...

Mr Frankhouser is caught in a typical muscle picture,tanned,oiled and serious.Yet,his grip on the weight and the look in his eyes belie the work ethic required to produce such a body.Erik will have had to work whilst the rest of us were enjoying ourselves,unfortunately the career choice does not pay for such sacrifice,except in the awe in which he is held even in normal clothing.
Many bodybuilders only payment is the awe of mere mortals.But one cannot be respectful of men and women who pursue this path,whilst we ordinary people can only clap our support of their colossal endeavour.
Photographs such as this give only the merest hint as to the work required,to produce such a stength and bodybuilding athlete.