Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mark Dugdale

Now, I know there have been some derogatory comments posted about Mr. Dugdale but you can't deny the man has worked hard and looks good.
In the first photo he is shown at age 19 (unknown photographer).
Number 2 is a pretty sexy pose, photoed by Chris Lund.
The last photo (a double pager that I joined) is by Jason Mathas.
More pictures of Mark tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

what derogatory comments?? Mark is a great guy. Or is there something we don't know??

Anonymous said...

what were the derog comments about Mark? is he homophobic?

Anonymous said...

I've always thought Mark was a gorgeous guy! Thanks for the equally gorgeous pics of him.

pearpenguin said...

I search hard to find the previous negative comment you mentioned. Part 1 of Scott's comment is that Mark is 5'5" on tiptoes. That's childish. Many top bodybuilders are under 5'8". Short men turn me on also.(Scott's a bottom I'm guessing). But the fundamentalist Christian accusation can't be ignore if it is fact. It really sours my view of a hot sexy man. I'm an avowed atheist myself so the Christian belief in the supernatural must be exposed everywhere. I hope Scott is wrong about Mark. Perhaps Mark will come back to reality one day. D.

Anonymous said...

true, many bb's are under 5'8'' but that makes some of them look even more ridiculous. Mark has managed to keep good weight for height. lol and what has commenting on the height of a man got to do whether the commentator is a bottom or top? do you think i think all tops are tall? only tall men are hung? we all know that is most certainly NOT the case! fyi...i'm 6'3''!