Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michael Liberatore

Just the one post today again, I'm afraid.
But I guess you can't go wrong with "The Liberator."


Anonymous said...

hmm thanks
that's hot
i hate to say it doesn't even look like him though :P

Anonymous said...

My favorite bodybuilder.

A real life superman.

Maria das Santos said...

Mr Liberatore is toying with us mere mortals,as he agonisingly lifts that weight,his muscles are screaming and the blood vessels are dilated to supply oxygen and nutrients.Yet he refuses to allow us into the personal agony that is weight training,but laughs at the audience who can only respond with a smile and deep admiration simply because we suspect then know this has not and will not be easy.Those muscles and forearme scream work,work and more work on top of sacrifice.Are we willing to follow that path to have the same result?