Sunday, November 14, 2010

Todd Jewell

Todd Jewell, one of my top faves


Maria das Santos said...

At last,a bodybuilder willing to release his height,6'0 and over.For someone of this height,stockiness is not natural but has to be built millimetre by millimetre.Yet Mr Jewell engages the viewer with a come on I dare you look whilst sweating from straining to obtain the thickness requisite with his height.Unfortunately,until photographed beside a working man of similar height,we really do not get an inkling of his size.Rather like Mr Dorian Yates whilst photographed in glorious isolation,his size only became apparent when standing beside a commentator,just like Mr Jewell,he dwarfed the fully clothed commentator.Mr Jewell,holding down a demanding job,extends his day by working out,and sacrifices now for a future in bodybuilding.His physique cries out for a recognition of this,not just in the aesthete but in the reality of sacrifice and pain.We,who gaze upon such men,either are detached from the pain or are blithely unaware of the sacrifice,but the results demand that we recognise both.

Dave said...

Dang, he worked up a good sweat...yum.