Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zacket Khan [2]

Two more scans of Zack Khan.
Photos by Kevin Horton.
This guy, if you haven't figured it out from yesterday's post, is huge.
Google him to find out more about him and for more pics.


Anonymous said...

He really is huge! Love the mass and size @__@ Shame though, he seems to be a rare guy to find any decent photos and info about him; unless I'm not looking hard enough lol.

I'm glad you got awesome pics of him though :)

Anonymous said...

i completely agree, this guy is fucking huge. And I like them like that, huge and with that a twisted look. he, he. thanks for the pics. your blog is very nice!

Donnie said...

OMFG! What a muscle beast! I saw a little blurb about him in my MuscleMag Intl. I'd kill to be that massive!