Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mike Francois, 1995 Arnold Classic Winner

Can't say much for the outfit (I guess that's what they were wearing then) but I certainly can't complain about the physique. Mike's always been a favorite of mine.
Photo by Ralph DeHaan.

Here he is a few years before the Arnold Classic
(I found a vid of him posing at the Arnold Classic but the quality was poor).


Anonymous said...

Mike was one of my favorites too. Great muscularity and proportion, and good looks too! It's too bad he had some issues with his health. He was definitely a rising star in bodybuilding at the time.

Anonymous said...

My appreciation for bodybuilding and bodybuilders started with this guy, Dennis Newman and Berry De Mey. Great guys. Thanks for the pic and the video.

Jan said...

same here, Javier. dennis newman and gary strydom were the guys who got me into it. its too bad theres so little about them (and pics) on the net.

Muscle Obsessive said...

Mike was so old-school. Gently-spoken, well-educated and absolutely huge.

Anonymous said...

Mike and I attended a seminary in Columbus at the same time in the late '80s. He was amazing to watch working out in the school's gym.