Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wolf works his shoulders

He already had big shoulders but Dennis wants them even bigger.
In May's Muscular Development Ron Harris has an article on Dennis' shoulder routine.
He quotes Dennis:
"The top guys all look incredible, so you need something that sets you apart from the others. Having wide, round shoulders and a small waist draws attention to you. I know that huge shoulders aren't going to win the contest for me, of course. You need shape,symmetry, and great condition- and I plan to have all these."
Scans from photos by Per Bernal.


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Javier said...

Those shoulders are already amazing. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Number 2 is amazing - if doing this exercise with this or heavier weight with his back stuck to the bench the whole time, he is simply out of this world.

PS: thanks for the great site, simple, clean, to the point, and the excellent high res scans with logical naming of the pics. This site makes you want to go the gym and pump some iron.