Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Troy Alves

Some scans of Troy from photos by Per Bernal.


jockboy said...

Thanks for the Alves' posts. Troy is one of the most beautiful, sexy bodybuilders of all time -- every day I hope for new Troy Alves scans to feed my Troy Addiction.

Corwin said...

Rippped!!!!! I read Troy alves is one of the older competitors in MR olympia.. awesome condition!

anotherbigone said...

He was incredible in the victory of this year, really huge

Anonymous said...

His new dvd from Mocvideo is coming out soon, LOTS of HOT action. Should be out in November.

Bruce Lester said...

His DVD just released December 24th at www.mocvideo.com. It turned out to be an excellent project almost 5.5 hours long! You wont be disappointed!

Thanks for your support,

Bruce Lester
owner of Mocvideo