Thursday, April 15, 2010

"A Day To Remember"

From Flex magazine:
"Thirty-six hours after the 45th Mr. Olympia, twelve pro bodybuilders, including half of the O's top ten and the winners of the last four Sandow's, gathered in a Las Vegas gym for a six hour photo shoot."
The participants:
Melvin Anthony Jr.
Chris Cormier
Brandon Curry
Jay Cutler
Moe El Moussawi
Toney Freeman
Phil Heath
Dexter Jackson
Dennis James
Flex Lewis
Peter Putnam
Silvio Samuel
and, of course, Joe Weider


Anonymous said...

It's clear they're here to destroy the "almost" in your blog's title. ;)

Great work as usual!

Anonymous said...

hehe, I agree with mbbbbb. can you imagine what the camera guy was going through? some people just don't realize how lucky they are.
these photos are amazing, just as that day must have been as well

Anonymous said...

I think I would pick either Peter or Moe out of this group.. or Jay.. not that I would turn town anybody :)