Tuesday, May 4, 2010

David Hughes

From Muscle Mag:
"All told, Dave's bi's and tri's workout spans 60 arm-bursting minutes covering seven exercises, more than 40 total sets and hundreds of repetitions"


Anonymous said...

impressive...although overly digitally enhanced

Anonymous said...

wow, he looks pretty steroid ravaged. He used to be so cute.

free fonts said...

wow! amazing muscles ^^!

warm greeting.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hughes has allowed the photographer to lift the veil on the work and tireless gym hours required to even approach a physique such as his.His hands scream work,whilst his forearm and biceps demurely remind you of the result such work produces.
The rest of humanity may sneer "chemical enhancement"whilst his eyes quietly remind you of the effort to overcome mere human genes.

Anonymous said...

I knew the Oregon Dave, he was a total hottie in the early 90's. Going pro was his dream, I'm glad he is living his dream.