Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chris Harnell

Chris showing of his abs as well as his other attributes


Anonymous said...

Why do people have to ruin their bodies with tats? 10years from now, tats will be so out of date and then what are they going to do? Ruined for life.

Anonymous said...

i think tats are awesome. but then again it's a matter of taste and opinion. Esp if it's simple ones on the arm and whatever. it's how people express themselves. some people like clean shaven dudes with totally clear skin, well i like my bad boys.

let's judge the muscle (which i think is gorgeous)and not the 'make-up' :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely personal taste, but from the number you see these days that's a lot of people. They've also been "in" for quite a while and if anything are becoming more popular with time. True, some tattoos can look horrendous or are in a place I think looks lousy, but some, like those this guy has, look great and will most likely continue to do so over time. It's also possible to get rid of them, but that's no fun, very expensive, and in some cases you'll still have evidence they'd been there ... all the more reason to leave them alone. I think most people think about it for a while before getting them, you realize it's something you're going to be stuck with. They're not cheap, and regardless of what you've heard, they hurt like hell, in some locations more or less than others. The upper arm is pretty painful (from experience). The one this guy has on the left shoulder also probably took at least two, maybe three sessions, because once they've healed you find places where the ink didn't take completely and when you have a solid, dark, filled design, it looks like crap if you don't get it 100%.