Thursday, January 27, 2011


Nice looking guy, I wonder who he is.
See the Comments section to learn his ID.


Doogster said...

He is Whitney Reid. And he is Spectacular!

Joe said...

This is Whitney Reid. Thanks for the great scans!

BJ said...

Hey Man you are amazing :D! you are updating your blog every day :D!

nice work!
greetings from peru!!

do u have images of the last olympia 2010 :D!!

can u post it?

thank you!

Anonymous said...

I agree. He is very nice. This is without a doubt Whitney Reid, a fitness model from Richmond, Virginia, United States.

I also like Julien Greaux.

For me you are doing a great job.

Marino from Belgium.

Anonymous said...

This is Whitney Reid, who appeared in Sex And The City 2...!

Anonymous said...

Whitney Reid

Osmose said...

Thanks to all for coming up with his name for me. You guys are great. And greetings to my readers from Peru and Belgium.