Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Scans

#1 Melvin Anthony (photo by Chris Lund)
#2 Vinny Galanti (photo by Michael Butler)
#3 Victor Martinez (photo by Per Bernal)

This is a video of a much younger Vinny demonstrating mandatory poses.


Anonymous said...

RE: Vince Galanti younger.

This is what I talk about when I say: Bodybuilding is a sport that destroys beautiful bodies that it builds.

It is insanity. He looks impressive yet awful today. He looked like a champ back then.

Are all these veins all that impressive? Is bigger better?

No, honestly no.

The "sport" called Bodybuilding needs to acknowledge that this whole thing turned into a substance abuse problem on a mass scale coupled with a seriously warped body image.

Please stop destroying your bodies people.

Osmose said...

Back then Vinny was in his twenties, now he in his forties; We do tend to thicken with age. Still, to each his own. Sometimes size impresses me but in general I find a nicely proportioned physique more pleasing. Bob Paris for example.

Anonymous said...

image of "Abbas Khatami" please!!

jetpack said...

I agree. I always think of Branch Warren who used to be a really goodlooking guy with an amaaazing body - now he looks like an unhealthy monster with a freaky body (though still interesting to see nonetheless)