Saturday, September 17, 2011

Three guys:





SFR said...

I hope that tatoo on Markus Ricci is fake . Please tell me he's not going to ruin that beautiful body with those goddamn tatoos !

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Markus. I'm not a huge lover of tattoos so I'm hoping the one on the arm is his first and last!

At least he kept it to his arm. I'm not sure who is advising these fitness models about getting inked. Travis is the perfect example as whatever remains of the fitness magazine world prefers not having to take even the little time to airbrush away the tattoo so prominently placed. I guess I just don't know why I'd go to all the effort of achieving a great set of pecs and then make a point to get a permanent (and in my opinion rather ugly) scene stealer emblazoned right above them.

Don't stop posting the "fitness" muscle!